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Past Events

Growth Hub - December 2023

Agile strategy: your 2024 game plan for success

Navigating business strategy in the year ahead will feel like a high-stakes game of snakes and ladders. Opportunities will abound, but so will pitfalls. How will you win? In this workshop participants discovered 6 keys to crafting and executing an agile strategy and were challenged on their product / service offering to guarantee they shine in 2024.

There were opportunities to connect, learn and share insights with seasoned fellow business leaders through a power packed case study on driving peak performance in a capacity crunch and everyone walked away with a wealth of practical actions to supercharge their business in 2024.

Growth Hub - September 2023

Implementation mastery: Driving efficiency and change successfully in your business

Navigating change in today's ever-changing business landscape presents unprecedented challenges for leaders. This immersive workshop focussed on exploring practical day-to-day strategies, powerful tools, and innovative approaches that can be immediately applied within your business to assist in driving successful change. Participants gained valuable insights into cultivating a high-performing culture, optimizing their business for success by addressing inefficiencies, and leveraging the latest agile and lean principles.

All of the insights were then drawn on for the final session where peers’ problem solved key implementation hurdles within their businesses. All up a fantastic session which all valued.

Growth Hub - June 2023

In this workshop we looked at ‘Maximizing Leadership Performance: Coaching for Success’.

The workshop focused on leadership success and provided valuable insights and updates from experienced peers. Participants learned about the latest strategies for harnessing the power of AI as a leader, identifying and enhancing their leadership style, handling difficult conversations, and driving greater productivity in teams. The workshop also covered effective approaches for attracting and retaining top talent in the organization.

All of the insights were then drawn on for the final session where peers problem solved key leadership challenges or opportunities each were facing for 2023. All up a fantastic session which all valued.

Growth Hub - March 2023

2023 leadership and business high performance trends: Discover what will be critical to your success in the year ahead

What critical business and leadership trends do you need to embrace for higher performance in 2023? What strategies will you implement to successfully navigate continued market turbulence? Discover the answers to these questions in this workshop, as well as what's working and what's not for leaders around key areas of growth/profit, attraction/retention, staying agile, managing a hybrid workforce, implementing strategy, resilience, and personal productivity.


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