Business GPS

Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

Complete the diagnostic to identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit.

What's Your Leadership Style?

Free Online E-news Management

Mail Chimp allows you to create templates and gives you in depth reporting so you can measure each campaign. We can help you set up and provide training for you.

Free Online Survey

Suvey Monkey is the world's most popular online survey tool.

Easy to send free surveys, questionnaires, customer feedback & more.

Social Media

Manage all your social media from here. Plan ahead with posts and alerts.

Stay active on social media with strategic times for postings that are planned in advanced.

Making Online Payments to IRD

It couldn't be easier.

Any questions? Just call.

09 421 9020

Eat, Drink and Claim Expenses

Everything you need to know about when you can and can't claim entertainment expenses.

13 Signs of Disengaged Employees

Wonder how your team is going? Is everyone on board with new direction or initiatives?

Books You Will Want To Read

Your business will never out grow your mindset or leadership. Here's some help.

Profit Target Calculator

Strong Passwords

Ever got given one of these: IL45gxC!0Rj ?
Strong passwords are hard to hack. Here's how you can create your own, and it will be one you'll remember.

7 Things Financially Successful Business Owners Do

Here's 7 things I've noticed that Financially Successful business owners have in common.

Small Business Sector Report 2014

Filled with interesting information, stats, charts and graphs about how NZ business is structured and performing.

Download the full report in all its glory or grab the highlights in the Fact Sheet.

A Tale of 2 Leaders

Two trips to the South Pole ended very differently. It was the Leader who made the difference.

The Nautilus

What is it about this ancient creature that has allowed it to live for eons and how can your business benefit from doing the same thing?

Golden Numbers

An interesting look at the numbers in the world around us and how they influence our decisions.

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