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Planning to make more money in 2019?

I could leave it right there because it doesn't come more straightforward than that. If you own a business, before you get too far into 2019 you need a budget. But I'm a chartered accountant, IRead more

A good leader knows 'the most important thing' - but how do they work it out?

I was with a group of business owners recently at which the seminar leader told us something I thought was profoundly helpful: You, as leaders, need to know what the most important thing is andRead more

Why it’s important to understand the story behind your numbers

Tell me what the following numbers mean: 843 1973 380  I think you’ll agree that you can guess all you like, but it’s near impossible to interpret the meaning of numbers without some contexRead more

How to unite your team and increase profits

It will come as no surprise that a lot of the conversations I have with business owners are about making more money. Most of them want the magic formula. It would be nice if there was one—like aRead more

Getting traction on the Bike of Life

I ran a workshop recently in which I used one of my favourite tools for assessing business health and sustainability. Afterwards one of the participants came up to me and said the last thing youRead more

Key business lessons from Churchill and The Darkest Hour

I recently saw the movie The Darkest Hour. At its heart it’s about the anguish of making a decision. And what a decision! It depicts the dilemma Churchill faced before Dunkirk—whether to fightRead more

Adding one more thing to the time management discussion

In the spirit of trying new things this year to bring about better results, I recently conducted a time management seminar. Time management is one of those areas that perpetually impacts businessRead more

Loving yourself is more important for your business than you might think

The directive to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ is one of the most famous of all Bible quotes. Even people who don’t profess a faith tend to know this one and seek to apply it. I find itRead more

Drawing lessons from the (all-too-brief) history of the fax machine

Insanity is popularly defined as doing the same things over again and expecting a different result. When it comes to business, I would argue that if you do what you’ve always done, things willRead more

Planning for Surplus

So, 2018 has begun. It’s that difficult time of year when we have to shake off the holiday malaise, crank the wheels and get back into the business of making a living. Our first steps will say a lRead more

Finding your sweet spot

As we approach the end of another year you can expect to see a proliferation of ‘best of’ lists—the best movies of 2017, the best music, or the best TV series. I have a confession toRead more

Gaining More Surplus

Article by Clinton Sanford. Image sourced from Unsplash.Read more
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Eat, Drink and Claim Expenses

Everything you need to know about when you can and can't claim entertainment expenses.

13 Signs of Disengaged Employees

Wonder how your team is going? Is everyone on board with new direction or initiatives?

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Your business will never out grow your mindset or leadership. Here's some help.

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Strong Passwords

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7 Things Financially Successful Business Owners Do

Here's 7 things I've noticed that Financially Successful business owners have in common.

Small Business Sector Report 2014

Filled with interesting information, stats, charts and graphs about how NZ business is structured and performing.

Download the full report in all its glory or grab the highlights in the Fact Sheet.

A Tale of 2 Leaders

Two trips to the South Pole ended very differently. It was the Leader who made the difference.

The Nautilus

What is it about this ancient creature that has allowed it to live for eons and how can your business benefit from doing the same thing?

Golden Numbers

An interesting look at the numbers in the world around us and how they influence our decisions.

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