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Facing Increasing Mortgage Interest Rates

The challenge of increasing interest rates will be real to many. It might help to remember just 4 years ago the rates were higher – you survived then, and you will survive now.  In the officeRead more

5 Reasons why…it’s good to take some time out

Life today is packed with things to do, think and stress about. We're generally living on high energy to keep up with life's’ demands and juggling too many balls. With a fast pace and demanding liRead more

How to make $25 per hour = $40 per hour

With the introduction of another paid holiday, the Mondayising of another and extending sick pay to 10 days, I was reflecting a conversation that I often have with a clients.  The conversation goesRead more

Family Trust - Do we still need ours?

There has been a lot of commentary on the impact of the new act on Trustees and how they are now required to do SO much more! The reality is that a Trustee who approaches their appointment in theRead more

Small opportunity to save some tax

Part of the governments COVID assistance to business was the increase in the threshold for immediate write-off of tools and equipment from $500 to $5,000 for all purchases between 17 March 2020 andRead more

Thinking about helping the kids get a start in the housing market?

Recently, we have been having conversations with Mums & Dads who want to help their children get into the property market. We love these conversations. Mums and Dads love their children, understandRead more

The Benefits of Business Planning

All business owners know that one of the hardest things to do is take time out to review the health and direction of your own company, particularly in the busy times of the year.  Perhaps as you goRead more

Thoughts at the holidays

As I reflect on the year that is drawing to a close, I thought I’d to share with you some conversations that I have been privileged to have with clients during the year. I've tried to be smart andRead more

Planning to make more money in 2019?

I could leave it right there because it doesn't come more straightforward than that. If you own a business, before you get too far into 2019 you need a budget. But I'm a chartered accountant, IRead more

A good leader knows 'the most important thing' - but how do they work it out?

I was with a group of business owners recently at which the seminar leader told us something I thought was profoundly helpful: You, as leaders, need to know what the most important thing is andRead more

Why it’s important to understand the story behind your numbers

Tell me what the following numbers mean: 843 1973 380  I think you’ll agree that you can guess all you like, but it’s near impossible to interpret the meaning of numbers without some contexRead more

How to unite your team and increase profits

It will come as no surprise that a lot of the conversations I have with business owners are about making more money. Most of them want the magic formula. It would be nice if there was one—like aRead more


Thinking about the year ahead, here's a great tool for clarity and direction.

Business GPS

Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

Complete the diagnostic to identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit.

Trustee Obligations

Cash Flow Template

Business Continuity Plan

What's Your Leadership Style?

Covid Wages Subsidy Declaration August 2021


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