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Past Events

Growth Hub - December 2022

LEVERAGING CHAOS: How to turn emerging 2023 business trends and leadership challenges into opportunities.

As 2023 fast approaches, high performing business leaders will need to embrace the paradox of playing offence and defence simultaneously to thrive in a continuing volatile market. Use this workshop to discover new insights, learn new skills and harness the wealth of best practice from experienced peers for your personal and business plans in 2023.

Covering critical areas to address for leaders of all business sizes and industries, the workshop will include: 

  • Attraction and retention strategies

  • Productivity insights for leaders

  • Avoiding self-sabotaging behaviours as leaders 

  •  2023 vision setting approaches

  • Emerging business trends for 2023 discussed with peers

Another successful workshop to guide your continued success.

Workshop Resources

Growth Hub - September 2022

Growing a business in a volatile market is challenging. While great marketing and sales strategies are important, it's also about ensuring the products/services being delivered have been transformed to suit the evolving needs of customers.

We had some wonderful in-depth discussions in the room, sharing experiences and ideas leaving everyone walking out with new tools and a fresh thinking to take back into their businesses.

Growth Hub - July 2022

This was an opportunity for business leaders to look at how to boost business value, grab emerging opportunities and scale up by doing more with less. 

In this highly interactive launch for baldry + sanford Growth Hub, there was an opportunity to develop practical strategies for your business, learn how to improve delegation skills, leadership resilience and life balance.

Resources from the event are available free here, and be sure not to miss the next event.

Workshop Resources


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