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Time Management Workshop

Workshop Recap

What is Time Management?

1) What do we already know about Time Management?

2) Bike of Life - "your business is a reflection of you."


3) What does your role entail?


4) Time Waste Audit 

5) Strategic SWOT 

6) What to really spend your time on - Force Field

7) Energy levels

8) Big rocks - Covey Category

9) Time Management - should, could and must audit



10) Process, Reflection and Evaluation 

Next Steps

7) Accountability for 90 days - we finished with a 90 day plan. As a way of saying thank you for attending yesterday, we would like to extend a complimentary 1 on 1 CHAT/catch up with Clinton in the coming month to check in on those actions.We will be in touch late March/early April to arrange a time that works best for you.


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