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Our team of talented professionals shares a passion for helping our clients make their businesses be the best they can be.

We provide a comprehensive and innovative range of accountancy and business development services: recording the past, reflecting the present and improving the future. We love to use our experience and expertise to unravel the story your numbers are telling you and help you unlock the real potential of your business. We are there when you need us, travelling beside you every step of the way.

Our goal is to deliver both Compliance and Business Development services in a timely, successful and efficient manner with transparent outcomes and pricing.

You'll have access to a diverse team of professional accountants, coaches and facilitators with a common goal of helping you succeed. Integrity, a strong work ethic and an appreciation of the work/life balance means you'll be working with people you can relate to.

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Meet the Team

Clinton Sanford - Director, CA

Aside from helping clients achieve their desired business and personal goals, Clinton enjoys cycling with a group of guys who can keep him challenged and motivated.

He and wife of over 30 years, Kerryn, have 4 grown children and 1 beautiful grandchild. They enjoy family time at the beach which is usually followed by a very competitive game of cards.

Paulette Baldry - CA

When Paulette isn't meeting with clients she and husband Dave enjoy running in events around the country and further afield.

After the wedding of her eldest daughter, they have planned a trip to New York to run in the world famous New York Marathon. She enjoys good food, good wine and good company.

Cassandra Sole - Administration

Cassandra, Cass to her friends, enjoys learning new things and spending time with friends and family.

Her friendly, approachable manner, ready smile and her amazing coffees are just a few of the things clients appreciate about her. When she's away from the office you'll find her enjoying laughs and good times with friends.

Anne Mandeno - Account Tech & Xero Guru

Anne loves helping clients find time by completing and filing GST returns for them and by helping them use online software like Xero. She also acts as vital support to Clinton, Paulette, Kate, Barbara & Sharon.

Along with Mark, her husband, she spends a fair amount of time travelling the country and beyond supporting sons Josh with his music and Ethan representing his region and country in basketball. Her other passion is food, and this vegan uses her spare time to learn more about nutrition.

Kate Quedley - ACA

Kate gets a kick out of producing accounts! That's because she knows the numbers help her understand our clients' business better, which means she can help them more!

When Kate's not crunching numbers you'll find this cat lover at the range as she fine tunes her skills for her favourite pastime of competitive air pistol shooting.

Barbara Baker - CA

What business owners like most about Barbara is not only is she highly experienced and incredibly clued up, she is down to earth and understands the impact of the numbers in their business.

When Barbara is not working with clients you'll find her on local golf courses fine tuning her swing or walking along the beach with husband Tom.

Sharon Cooper - BCom

Sharon's unassuming nature is one of her biggest attributes. She likes working with clients and helping them understand the important numbers in their business.

In her free time you'll find her and husband Ross out on the Hauraki sailing or in the kitchen baking muffins with her 3 beautiful grandchildren.


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