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Getting Great Summer Staff

Summer can be peak times for certain businesses, particularly if your in tourism, retail, hospitality or horticulture. Here's some help to make the job of taking on extra workers a little easier:

  • Know what you kind help you're looking for. Fixed-term? Specific shifts? Casuals?
  • Start looking and recruiting now. This will give you time to find the people you want and get any training or induction done. Getting in early also gives you access to a wider pool of talent. Remember the best ones are usually taken. So be the one who takes them!
  • Paperwork. Get employment agreements sorted and out of the way.
  • Check your pay rates. Minimum wage is just that. The minimum you can pay. Make sure you also know about : The Starting-out wage, Training Minimum Wage, Adult Minimum Wage.
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Want to know even more? We've put some links to guides and resources you'll find helpful just below.

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