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Look Up

I was at my son's basketball game last week. He's 14 and plays for the U17 team. (Ok, no more parent bragging, this isn't facebook).

There's is a guy on his team, lets call him Sam, who has great defensive skills.

He is fast. His balls skills are pretty good too. He is cunning. Good at stealing the ball and making the fast break to the goal end of the court. This happened many times in the game.

What also happened was often a fellow team member saw the action and sprinted to the goal end to take advantage of the situation.

So here we were, primed and ready to take a shot totally unobstructed by the other team. But Sam was so busy looking at the ball he was dribbling that he didn't notice or recognise the opportunity to put more points on the board.

Sam would arrive at the goal end followed by every player on the court and then look around for options. Unfortunately, the defence also arrived with him and this made getting points substantially more difficult.

I don't really know this boy, yet I found myself wanting to yell, "LOOK UP" every time this happened.

This can happen in business as well.

Many SME owners in New Zealand can suffer from Lone Wolf Syndrome. They get so busy with the task at hand, they forget to Look Up and see the opportunities that are available. There are qualified people ready to help them put some points on the board. Whether it is online articles and videos, courses, people or organisation, you don't have go it alone.

Whatever your business, help is available.

All you gotta do is Look Up.


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