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Keeping It Fresh At Your Desk


You can do many of these exercises while on the phone or working. It will not only assist in toning your muscles and burning calories, but you will keep your blood moving and you will be more alert. This will also de-stress you and allow you to breathe and get oxygen into your blood.

1. Take 10 deep breaths from your stomach - sloooooooooowly breathe out.

2. Lift both your feet off the floor so your legs are bent at 90 degrees and hold your tummy in for 30 seconds.

3. Lift one feet off the floor for 30 seconds and then swap. This will work your hip muscles to the above.

4. Neck rotations - roll your neck around and back again. For 30 seconds

5. Chair Dips - place the palms of your hands on your chair and lift your body up slightly for 10 seconds - do this 3 times.

6. Gluteal squeeze. Tense up the muscles of your rear end and hold for a count of 20 seconds.

7. Hand stretches. Tense your hands into a fist and relax. Spread your fingers and relax. bend your fingers and relax.

8. Shoulder rotations. Lift your shoulders up to your ears and rotate for 30 seconds.

9. Fast foot drill. Tap your feet fast up and down for a minute simulating a run.

10.Toe raisers. Keep your heels on the floor and raise your toes as far as you can. Hold for a minute.

11.Put your hands behind your head and pull your elbows back for 20 seconds.

12.Join your fingers together and push them above your head with your palms facing upwards for 20 seconds

Also, on the way to work you can do the following to contribute to your fitness.
  • Take the stairs and not the lift - this is a great exercise
  • Park your car further away or get off a stop earlier/later
  • Go out for lunch - take the long way and walk further. You can also explore some streets you have not seen before
And of course make sure you start each day with a big bottle of water on your desk so you get your 2L per day. I find if I put a 1.5L bottle of water on my desk, before I know it, it is empty - I just sub-consciously drink it.

So next time you are on hold or need a little pep up - do these drills and you will feel great!

Source :revive.co.nz


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