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4 Ways For You To Get Good Advice When You Need It Most

Good advice. Can't beat it. But how can you make sure the advice your're getting is good? We could create a list of snazzy looking points that would be helpful, but why reinvent the wheel?

Below is an except from an article written by Rob Biederman, Co-founder and CEO of Entreprenuer.com that we think gives clarity on how you can make sure you are getting good advice:

So how do you get good advice when you need it most? Here are a few tips:

Ask highly specific questions.

General advice is not your friend. When asking for advice, follow this format: This is the situation. Here is the decision point. What is your recommendation?

Find the right person.

The right expert to ask is knowledgeable about your question, has no conflict of interest and is willing to speak to you in depth.

Give the right person a stake in your success.

When you find the best advisor, bring him on as an official advisor. If he makes a concrete commitment to the board(or to you), give him an equity interest in making the right decisions.

Ask multiple advisors exploratory questions.

Ask as many people as you can find for their view on a true "jump ball" strategic question. When you get differing answers, ask why the other's answer is wrong. Ask how their own opinions could be wrong. Beware of people who say their answer is absolutely correct when the question truly doesn't have a good answer. They are either naive or insecure.

Finally, don't forget about the tools you already have. Launching a business can be daunting, and sometimes, very bright people who could do fine applying common sense will ask the wrong people for advice simply because they believe they need it. Trust your own judgment, and treat every piece of advice with a healthy amount of skepticism.


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