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Battle, Bargain & Brains

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Malcolm Rands, Founder of EcoStore.
He's a very likable guy and I love the way he shared the journey of EcoStore via a story.

He began with telling us how one of his daughters, as a gift to him one Father's Day, made a comic book of his journey. In the opening frames she tells the story of how her Dad Battled, Bargained and used his Brains as he established his business. Watch the video created from this comic book below.
Malcolm's story of "making it easy to make a difference" is inspirational.

As business leaders we need to remind ourselves that the path to success is uphill. As I thought about the three B's – Battle, Bargain and Brains a number of thoughts started to form

Battle. If we are going to win in a battle it means that we need to understand what we are standing for, what we are fighting for.
Both the What we are wanting to achieve and the Why we want to do it must be clear in our minds. That brings into play a whole bunch of character traits: resilience, discipline, management of limited resources – time, energy and finance. Each of these presents its own kind of battle for us. Perhaps you've won the battle with some of these, perhaps you're recovering from wounds received. A strong sense of purpose, remembering the what and the why, will spur you back into the fray.

Bargaining. The ability to negotiate and think "win win" is crucial.
Building great working relationships with clear communication is vital for business today. Establishing a team that will work with you to achieve a shared vision requires negotiation, compromise, clarity and quite possibly talking to some 'big people' for the first time.

Brains. It starts by understanding ourselves. Knowing our strengths, passions and skills and play the game of business according to those.
One thing that was clear listening to Malcolm, he is passionate about the environment. Everything he does in business is birthed from a sincere desire to do the best he can for the planet and to make it easy for you and me to do the same.

I love this quote from Malcolm, "Success in business is to create the kind of environment you want to live in. Imagine the future and do it now."

Let's do that.
What are you waiting for?

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