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Gaining More Surplus

Article by Clinton Sanford. Image sourced from Unsplash.

Time? Energy? Money?

I remember when the kids were younger, my wife Kerryn and I made an effort to make time for them. That meant that I needed to have some energy when I got home. Energy in listening to how their day was, enthusiasm for telling them bedtime stories, and energy for a bit of rough and tumble with my son. As an aside, please note I am still the undisputed wrestling champion of our family, having been able to pin our then 16-year-old Josh to the floor, wedging his head in the corner of the lounge until he gave up. A very satisfying effort. I immediately retired after that, never to fight again!

The point is, having surplus energy and time gave me the opportunity to engage with my family and community. Surplus money means you can prepare for the future, support community, fund business growth, take family holidays and so much more.

I realise that our business can become "all consuming" sometimes, resulting in little surplus time, energy or money. However, we mustn't allow that to become the norm for our lives.

So, why not pause for a minute and ask yourself…

What would I need to change for me to have greater surplus(time/energy/money? Is it a plan, an accountability partner, a change of priorities?

In taking that time, it's about making sure that your business serves you and your family and doesn’t consume you. And remember, when wrestling with your young sons, know when to retire and don't ever be tempted to come out of retirement…ever!


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