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5 Reasons why…it’s good to take some time out

Life today is packed with things to do, think and stress about. We're generally living on high energy to keep up with life's’ demands and juggling too many balls. With a fast pace and demanding life and career, often we can forget to take a moment to stop, breathe and get some perspective.

Definition of take time out: to stop doing what one is doing in order to do something else for a while


Stepping away from day to day life and taking some time to yourself, be it an hour to have a coffee and catch up with a friend, reading a book, or taking an adventure weekend away with the family, is a great way to gather a little perspective. When you open your life to more beyond just work or your daily chores, you help give yourself some clarity and perspective.


When we’re busy and stressed, taking a break gets de-prioritised completely, but actually this in itself is counterproductive, as actually taking a break and some time out is a guaranteed way to help feel re-energised and boosts your productivity.

 3. Become CREATIVE

When you’re relaxed, you’re more creative. A relaxed state allows you to access a different part of your brain, so when you take time out to chill, relax and unwind, you’ll find yourself thinking more creatively.


Being overworked and swamped by deadlines means you are less likely to take time out … but actually taking time out in these moments has never been more important. The more you work and wear yourself out, the less efficient and productive you become. Having time to rest and recuperate is the simplest way to ensure you are always productive.


And most importantly, have time out to spend with your loved ones, to yourself, or simply to do the things you love. This boosts a positive mindset and promotes happiness. It’s so important to have a good life balance, take time out to escape the day to day and keep a positive outlook on life. Even just a little beach walk provides the ultimate cure for any stresses.

So stop making excuses, reap the benefits and take some time out!