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10 Holiday Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Holiday season is quickly coming upon us. Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving (if you're from the Northern Hemisphere), Christmas and then News Years are just a mere 12 weeks away. Even though your customers may not be thinking that far ahead, it's time we do. Here are some ideas towards your Christmas campaign that can help ensure your business is top-of-mind with customers this holiday season.

Create Curb Appeal. Do something to make your store more noticeable. Take a step out on to the street and see what your neighbours are doing. Think of ways to attract more attention to your store. Stand out, be different. Make your shop window and property front reflect your business.
Ramp Up Your Email Marketing. Your client database is a captive audience. Create campaigns tailored to them. Pay attention to what your fans, followers and readers really want this year and deliver content they care about. Monitor conversation rates as a result of the emails and take note of what works and what doesn't for further use in the New Year.

Build Community
. Collaborate with other local businesses to create a neighbourhood event with food and music. Offer special discounts to those that attend. It's a great way to generate local press coverage and will give you the opportunity to market to their client list.

Social Campaigns.
Encourage customers to interact with your brand online. Create campaigns that reward clients who share your promotions and discounts. If this information is shared across their social channels, it will increase your brand exposure and your sales too.

Package Your Goods,
Creatively. Shoppers are in a rush, so why not save them some time and offer gift wrapping? According to the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, consumers viewing beautiful packaging have more intense brain activity than neutral packaging. This activity in the brain correlates with rewards and value. Use it to your advantage.
    Free Shipping. Pick a day to offer free shipping to your customers. This could help save your customers quite a bit of money and will incentivize them to buy more products from you. It can be unaffordable to offer it all season long, but offering it as a one day event creates great marketing opportunities.

    Gift Card Bonus.
    If you offer gift cards in your store, provide extra incentive by offering a discount, or a percentage bonus. For example, offer an extra 30 per cent bonus for two days in December as a thank you to customers who chose to shop at your store.

    Extended Hours
    . Give customers the opportunity to avoid the weekend rush by staying open late on select weekdays. Calm shoppers are happy shoppers. They will appreciate the opportunity to pop-in after work and get the items they need without the chaos.
    Keep the Kids Entertained. If you have space, create a space to entertain your customer's kids, with ornament making or cookie decorating. Entertained kids means less stressed parents who have more patience and time to look at your products.

    New Year's Promotions.
    Encourage your customers to return next year by offering them a discount voucher for January. An alternative is to offer tickets to a preview of the New Year or VIP access to Boxing Day sales you intend to hold, giving your customers first dibs on any sale items or a chance to cut in line.

    Finally, remember to engage all five of your senses. Decorate with colourful ornaments, broadcast tasteful music, pump seasonal smells and provide refreshments. Your customers won't want to leave!


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