Leading teams that don't just survive, but thrive in a multi-generational work environment

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Keynote Speaker: Dave Sanders

With over 30 years experience in counselling, Dave Sanders has been worked alongside a diversity of people, particularly focusing on areas such as relationships, personal issues, trauma, depression , suicide and supervision.

He will bring his wealth of knowledge about understanding people, and various factors that contribute to who we are. He will be sharing practical tools about how you can continue to grow a thriving team.

Workshop focuses on:

  • Managing millennials
  • Identifying key barriers to creating a cohesive multi-generational team
  • Insights and latest research into why different generational groups clash
  • Practical tools towards resolving generational divides and uniting teams
  • Gain clear direction of the next steps forward for your business
  • Tools and resources for ongoing multi-generational team management

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